Tao Te Ching is a handbook of wisdom written by Lao Tzu at the request of Yin Hsi, the Guardian of the Pass. Many think it is about some esoteric philosophy only. A kind of collection of ancient Chinese speculations regarding the Universe, the Heaven (God), or the art of leadership. So nothing of interest for modern people excepting the experts and scholars. This is completely wrong. The Tao Te Ching is written for the one who needs a good guide to the everyday living. A method of conduct.

Here are several themes developed by Lao Tzu in his Book:

– The Tao and Te. The Way of Heaven.

– The wu-wei – that is, the art of doing without doing.

– The wu – traslated as emptness – that is, the art of emptying the mind and get rid of desires.

– The fu – that is, the return which is always the Tao course.

– The p’u – that is, making everythig simple and trying to keep the simplicity.

– The water – that is, the art of serving many without having to diminish himself.

-The spirit of valley – that is, the powe to contain everything without having to get rid of something. Or the art of keeping a low profile.

– The art of governing without doing something, like Huang Ti would have teach.

As you see there are many teaching addressed to the modern man too which give the Book its reputation of handbook of wisdom.


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