This section is supposed to explain the Tao Te Ching basic concepts. I’ll make it short.

tao graph

The Tao graph is made of Head and walking feet, that is, walking with head, consciously.

1. First of all is the Tao. Tao means almost everything for the Chinese. But in Tao Te Ching is means the Great Pervader, that is the creator and sustainer of all the Universe, including the human one. The meaning of Tao is explained in the first paragraph of Tao Te Ching.

It is not very clear what the Tao is, at least for the Westerners, therefore one should find a lot of explanations rather confusing and out of topic.

2. Te – the second term in the title Tao Te Ching. Te is the virtue of the Tao but not from an ethical view. It is its power (many translates Tao Te Ching as The Classic of the Way and its Power), but not power related to muscular activity or force – it is the power of generatig or expressing itself. I agree that this definition of Te is rather vague.

3. Wu – as feature of the Tao – refers to the nonbeing. Wu is the negation, the “NO” of everything, or the void, the emptiness. Tao is wu, that is, void… Another idea that sounds a little bit odd.

te graph

Te graph

4. Wu-wei – translated as nonaction, is the action without action. Taoists – disciples of Tao (see the teachings Section of the blog)  – call it the way of minimal resistance. Futher information about wu-wei is provided in the guidance ebook (see the Home section).

5. Fu – returning to the opposite is another term in Tao Te Ching. Many says it doesn’t mean returning to the opposite but to a prior position.

6. P’u – simplicity. Tao Te Ching and Lao Tzu hold dear the simplicity.


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